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Cosmetic Surgery in Hyderabad, Plastic Surgeon in India

Internationally certified plastic and cosmetic surgeons

Most Trusted Cosmetic Center

Recommended by more than 13,000 + Clientele

First ISO Certified Hospital

Akruti is one of the first ISO Cosmetic Center in South India fix your appointment today.

24/7 Dedicated ICU

Akruti boasts of a 24/7 dedicated ICU with a support of a 100 bedded Multi Specialty Hospital.

Special New Year Offer :-Now Avail...

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Cosmetic Surgery Costs in Hyderabad, India. | Akruti

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Cosmetic Surgery Costs in India

When you step into the market for getting a cosmetic surgery, the first thing you would observe is the wide difference in rates even for the same procedure. And before you think that, "How on earth is it even possible?", we suggest you to know about the factors leading to this trend.

Doctor's Expertise

The famous plastic surgeons, who...

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Liposuction in Hyderabad, Cost, Lipo Surgeon India. | Akruti

Liposuction in Hyderabad?

Traditional liposuction costs around Rs.50,000 to Rs.1,50,000 (770$ - 2350$) at Akruti in Hyderabad, India. The cost not only depends on the surgery, but it is also based on other factors like pre-operative scans, compression garments, anesthetic fee and medical facilities. You can contact our hospital in Hyderabad for the exact rates. Also, our suggestion for you is to give priority to quality than the cost. A new doctor charging a low fee is not useful anyways. Our certified plastic...

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Vaser Liposuction in India, Vaser Lipo Cost Hyderabad ...

FAQs on Vaser Lipo Surgery

Is it really more effective than the traditional liposuction?

Yes. It is 5X more effective than the liposuction and there is no unnecessary damage or pain.

Should I follow any precautions before the surgery?

You should follow some precautions to make the surgery successful.

Stop drinking and smoking from at least 2 weeks prior to the surgery.

Inform the doctor about any existing health conditions and medicines you are using.

Am I able to work right away after the surgery?

Although you have no pain after the surgery, you need 3 - 4 days for the operated regions to recover completely. For best results, you have to take...

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