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Liposuction Seattle | Best VASER Lipo Bellevue

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At Athenix, we are committed to providing our Seattle patients with the most modern, effective body sculpting techniques. We believe that VASER® Liposuction creates smoother, sleeker results. If you are considering having unwanted fat removed, it is important that it is done properly, and that you get the results you envision. The advantages of the VASER® process is...

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Understanding Mini Liposuction | Mini Lipo Fat Reduction

Mini liposuction can improve appearance with minimal recovery time, and costs less than larger liposuction procedures.

Is mini liposuction right for me?

If you have one or several small areas of stubborn fat, are in good shape overall, and at a stable weight, mini liposuction may be a good option for you. The best way for us to say if this procedure is right for you, is through an in-person...

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Athenix Body Sculpting Institute

Athenix Body Sculpting Institute we employ an advanced form of liposuction named VASER Liposuction to significantly reduce the recovery time. With VASER, you can expect to return to y...

Top 3 Body Contouring Procedures

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When diet and exercise efforts have been tried, tried again, and then exhausted, it can feel as achieving your dream figure is completely out of reach. However, modern medical technology and micro-body contouring techniques can open the doors that were once blocked by frustration and discouragement. Physicians at Athenix use these...

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Body-Contouring | Body Sculpting | Liposuction Surgeons

Micro Body Contouring

A safer, less invasive way to remove fat in a single treatment

Instead of relying on older liposuction technology, a skilled liposuction surgeon applies the latest advanced medical techniques and technology for better, less invasive body contouring results. The artistry of Micro-Body Contouring comes from combining different therapies to improve your experience. Safer than traditional liposuction, our Micro-Body Contouring uses the latest liposuction...

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Before & After Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery | Athenix Body

4 months

Case Study:

At the age of 27, this young man found that he wasn't satisfied with the appearance of his upper body. The unwanted bulge of his abdominals was his main concern. He decided to make a difference by enlisting the body sculpting specialists at Athenix. Upon his request, they performed surgery on his abdomen...

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Non Invasive Liposuction | Athenix Body Sculpting Institute

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By treating both the deeper tissue and upper layers of the skin, VelaShape® cellulite treatment minimizes the size of the actual fat cells to produce long-lasting results...

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