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Youthful Image Clinic - BodyTite Liposuction Edmonton

BodyTite liposuction?

As with previous liposuction methods, multiple areas on the body can be successfully treated. This includes the neck, chin and jowls, male chest, abdominal regions, flanks, hips, back, thighs, knees and calves. The unique skin tightening advantage of BodyTite makes it ideal for areas where maximum skin tightening is desired. The before and after pictures are truly...

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Date: 2018-03-23 14:16:36

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Youthful Image Clinic - NeckTite

As with any other cosmetic procedure, there are potential side effects. As the NeckTite combines liposuction and radiofrequency technologies, the side effect profile is that of both procedures. As such, there is some discomfort and swelling that can last several days to several weeks or longer. In addition, there can be some contour irregularities or even small thermal burns or ulcerations. Although these more serious side effects are not common, they have been reported. It is absolutely important to have a full detailed consultation and...

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Date: 2018-03-23 21:56:53

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