3 Ways to Know if Laser Vision Surgery Is Right for You ...

Determining Whether You Are a Candidate For Surgery


Visit an ophthalmologist. Have a thorough eye exam with an ophthalmologist who specializes in laser vision surgery. The eye doctor will assess your eyes, making sure that you do not have any diseases of the eye or eye conditions that could impact the surgery. [3]

Before picking an eye doctor, do some research on ophthalmologists that do laser...

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Laser Eye Surgery Information Guide - Health Centre

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Laser Eye Surgery Information Guide

Find Laser Eye Surgery Clinics »

Of all our senses, 93% of the...

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Save Money on LASIK Eye Surgery - VSP Vision Care

Ways to Save on LASIK Eye Surgery

If your laser vision doctor has confirmed that you are a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery, you may now be wondering how you can afford the procedure. While the price tag for better eyesight can be overwhelming, there are four ways to lower costs and make LASIK eye surgery more affordable.

Does your insurance plan cover LASIK?

Many VSP members have the option to use Laser Vision Benefits. Check to see if you have the VSP Laser VisionCare Program benefit. Log in to your vsp.com account or register to see if you are eligible for laser vision benefits.


Many laser vision...

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Chelsea Eye & Cosmetic Surgery Associates ...

Chelsea Eye & Cosmetic Surgery Associates


32 reviews from all sources ( Ophthalmologists ) Share

 157 W 19th St, 4th Fl, New York, NY 10011US

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1* on Yellow Pages , Apr 25, 2016

Christina P.

I went into Chelsea...

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How Much Does Lasik Eye Surgery Cost (Cheap to High ...

You can find a cheap Lasik eye surgery cost in many places around the world. But you have to watch for where you are going in any case so you can find a procedure that is worthwhile and easy for you to afford. The factors that go into the costs in each of these countries deserve to be explored just as well.

List of Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in Top Countries is as follows:

United States

First, you...

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Affordable LASIK Eye Surgery - LASIK Vision Institute

Affordable LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK costs can be excessive at many other LASIK providers throughout the country. Why? The significant upfront investment associated with owning the lasers and diagnostic equipment necessary to perform laser vision correction, typically over $600,000. Most surgeons rent time on a laser, which cost more over time. These higher fees are directly passed on to the patient. At The LASIK Vision Institute®, we own all of our...

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Best Laser Eye Surgery Clinics In The UK - 2018 Guide



More detailed summaries of the best laser eye surgery clinics can be found below. Information about the types of laser eye surgery they offer, as well as their pricing policy, is included.

Suitable for Laser Eye Surgery? Click your age below to find out!

Centre for Sight

Recognised by the ophthalmic industry as a centre of excellence, Centre for Sight specialise in delivering...

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NJ LASIK Costs Prices Laser Eye Surgery New Jersey The Eye ...

LASIK Eye Surgery Costs, Prices & Payment Plans at The Eye Care & Surgery Center in New Jersey

Our patients are pleased and often surprised to find that at The Eye Care & Surgery Center in New Jersey LASIK costs and prices are affordable-especially with easy payment plans! Most patients are thrilled to learn that they can have their treatment performed with Dr. Confino in the comfort and...

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How Much Does LASIK Cost With VSP In 2017? - Cost Aide

As you may know, LASIK (or laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis) eye surgery can help you get rid of your spectacles. Furthermore, you might regain your 20/20 vision if you opt for this kind of procedure.

You might also know that the said procedure is quite expensive. Fortunately, Vision Service Plan (VSP) offers insurance for the eye surgery. That said, how much does LASIK cost with...

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LASIK Eye Surgery Cost, LASIK Price

How much does LASIK eye surgery cost?

The LASIK eye surgery cost in North America varies drastically, from less than $1,000 to more than $4,000 per eye. That can be a dizzying figure to interpret, but knowing what you should expect to pay shouldn't be a mystery. Dozens of factors, some related to you and some related to your vision center, influence the LASIK eye surgery cost.

Finding a LASIK...

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Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery - Trusted LASIK Surgeons

What Is the Price for LASIK in General?

The cost of LASIK generally ranges between $1,500 and $3,000 per eye. One significant factor that account for discrepancies in the cost of LASIK depend on whether Wavefront ("Custom Cornea") and All Laser or ("bladeless") technologies are included in the fee. This generally puts the cost of your LASIK procedure in the range of around $2,000 per eye, since...

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Moncton Laser Eye Surgery | TLC Laser Eye Centres

Area Eye Doctors

Welcome to Moncton LASIK

Welcome to TLC Moncton! You should have total confidence in your LASIK provider. We want to help you make that decision easier by offering  a free consultation. We are confident that you will see the TLC difference after you take a tour of our facility, meet our team and learn about TLC's Lifetime Commitment.


Our dedicated staff is here to walk you...

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Mississauga Laser Eye Surgery | TLC Laser Eye Centres

Area Eye Doctors

Welcome to Mississauga LASIK

At TLC Mississauga, we pride ourselves on our patients success. With some of the best LASIK surgeons and staff in Canada, we will do everything we can to make sure your LASIK journey is an educated and successful one. 


We offer a free LASIK consultation where our LASIK team will answer all your questions and advise you of all the LASIK options...

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Houston LASIK | Laser Eye Surgery | LASIK Surgeons in ...

Current LASIK & Optical Promotions

With a reputation that spans more than 55 years, Berkeley Eye Center is recognized as one of Texas' most established comprehensive eye care facilities. In addition to our 20�clinics and optical locations located throughout the greater Houston area, we also offer patients the added access and convenience of five state-of-the art laser eye centers throughout...

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Monovision - Laser Eye Surgery for Presbyopia| Optimax

Life without Reading Glasses


Monovision Laser Eye Surgery can restore youthful vision and let you once again enjoy life naturally without glasses. Monovision could allow you to shed that old aged look of glasses perched on the end of your nose. You can read the newspaper, see a menu clearly, use a mobile phone, score your golf card in the rain, put on make up and fiddle with all the other...

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Cataract - Philippine Academy of Ophthalmology



What is a cataract?

A cataract is defined as any opacity in the human lens. Throughout life, your crystal clear lenses at birth undergo changes which eventually produce opacification. This may be significant enough to interfere with one's vision later in life. The opacification is...

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Center for Sight | Opthamalogy in Pensacola, Gulf Breeze ...

What is LASIK surgery?

LASIK (Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis) is a type of laser eye surgery that is performed to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism for patients who wish to decrease or even eliminate their dependence on eyeglasses and contact lenses for seeing things at a distance. It was first performed in 1989 by an Ophthalmologist in Greece and introduced to American LASIK surgeons in 1990. Each year, hundreds of thousands of LASIK surgery procedures...

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Norden Laser Eye Associates - Laser Eye Surgery Ridgewood ...

Contact Us


If you are considering LASIK to correct your vision, don't you owe it to yourself to find the best LASIK surgeon?

Learn More


By our mid-40's we lose the ability to focus on things up close. Monovision is a LASIK procedure designed to offer vision both near and far.

Custom Lasik

FDA-approved advanced technology lets Dr. Norden scan and map your cornea, for incredible...

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Lens replacement surgery in Prague - costs in Prague ...

Lens replacement surgery in Prague

Time-proven solution to see without glasses or contact lenses

Lens replacement surgery is a quick and painless intraocular surgery that can be arranged in 1 short visit to Prague. It is performed by qualified and experienced eye surgeons at a modern eye clinic located in the city centre of Prague, Czech Republic.�

Affordable price:

Save on costs of lens...

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LASIK Cost Information – Cost of Laser Eye Surgery

Learn More

The price of LASIK surgery can vary widely depending on a number of factors, most notably the technologies used and the geographic location. Expect to pay approximately $500 to $600 more per eye for wavefront-guided LASIK with a laser-created corneal flap than for standard LASIK, whereby the flap is created with a bladed microkeratome. The price quoted by a refractive surgeon typically...

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Chesen Laser Eye Center - Cataract Surgery Reading



Chesen Laser Eye Center has given me freedom from glasses and contacts. I get migraine headaches and could not wear glasses or contacts when I got a headache.


I wish I would have met Dr. Chesen years ago. I would highly recommend Dr....

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LASIK Eye Surgery in Salt Lake City Utah by Hoopes Vision


Hoopes Vision LASIK Overview

Since the 1990s, laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis, or LASIK, has helped millions of people to see the world more clearly, free from glasses and contact lenses. In the years since its introduction, constant technological advances have made an already safe and effective procedure even safer, more effective, and more predictable. These same...

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CCRS | Lasik Procedure

True customization in laser vision correction at its highest level of precision and customization.

VariosTopolyzer, ahigh precision corneal mapping device, collects 22,000 reference points which are used in treatment.

Combines the two most important technology in vision correction surgery: Wavefront and Topography

Shown in FDA study to result in best outcome among all LASIK procedures.


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Lasik Denver | Denver LASIK Vision Center and Cataract Eye ...

+ Combined Years of Medical Experience


% of Patients Happy

LASIK Denver

The Denver LASIK Vision Center in Colorado has been built upon providing superior LASIK laser vision correction and cataract surgery procedures at an affordable price. LASIK Denver is a truly groundbreaking procedure that has gained massive popularity among athletes and celebrities due to its effectiveness and safety. LASIK...

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3 Ways to Know if Lasik Eye Surgery Is for You - wikiHow

Determining Whether You Are a Candidate


Check whether LASIK can correct your vision. The procedure can correct nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. Successful surgery can eliminate the need to wear contact lenses or glasses in patients with mild to moderate nearsightedness or astigmatism.

LASIK does not help people who need reading glasses or who have high...

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All Laser LASIK | Rapid City | Black Hills Regional Eye ...

"I feel like a ROCKSTAR! Surprised I can see so well so soon"

Erica A

Scott Schirber, OD

Dr. Schirber was born and raised in South Dakota. After having LASIK himself, he worked for several years at one of the busiest refractive centers in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He returned to South Dakota and joined the Black Hills Regional Eye Institute in 2007 to become the Laser Vision Center Director. Dr....

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Spector Eye Care - Norwalk LASIK Stamford Cataract Surgery ...


Thank you for visiting the Spector Eye Care website. We encourage you to learn more about your vision and contact us with any questions. Spector Eye Care is the exclusive ophthalmic provider for comprehensive medical, surgical and routine eye care services for Norwalk Hospital. We are a dedicated group of doctors, nurses, technicians, medical assistants and patient...

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Cataract Surgery - Horizon Eye Care

Cataract Care & Surgery

A cataract is a common condition that causes a clouding of the eye's natural lens over several months or years that can lead to blurred night vision, decreased night vision, impaired depth perception and other troubling symptoms. The lens helps focus light and produce sharp images on the retina, but significantly affects visual function as it becomes cloudy and begins to...

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Columbus Laser & Cataract Center - Eye Surgeons & LASIK ...

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Allegretto Wave®

Fastest Laser Available in the United States

ALLEGRETTO WAVE's revolutionary approach to laser vision correction minimizes problems associated with older generation lasers, such as night vision reduction, glare, and halos. Learn more

Laser Eye Surgery Services

LASIK Surgery

The benefits of LASIK eye surgery are...

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LASIK Eye Surgery Cost PA, DE, and NJ | Kremer Eye Center

LASIK Eye Surgery Cost in PA, DE, and NJ

Posted in LASIK on

January 4, 2017


Even with the procedure's vision correction benefits, cost is still one of the biggest concerns for many considering LASIK eye surgery. However, we've calculated the cost of LASIK, and it's not as expensive as many people think.

Compared to what you would normally spend on contacts, glasses, and other vision products,...

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Ptosis Surgery Singapore | Regain Your Perfect Vision

Upper And Lower Eye Lift Surgery

At the Ptosis surgery Singapore clinic, we offer efficient services with the upper and lower Eye lift surgery usually completed within one to three hours. Local or general anesthesia is administered to our patient and the operation is conducted by a cosmetic or plastic surgeon in an outpatient clinic. The surgeon conducting the eye lifting procedure will make...

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LASIK: Refractive Eye Surgery for Vision Correction of ...

Start Now

What should I expect before, during, and after surgery?

What to expect before, during, and after surgery will vary from doctor to doctor and patient to patient. This section is a compilation of patient information developed by manufacturers and healthcare professionals, but cannot replace the dialogue you should have with your doctor. Read this information carefully and with the...

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Cataract Surgery Nashville | Laser Cataract Surgery Paris, TN

Loden iVision Centers, 99% of our patients have experienced 20/20 vision and the joy of living life without the hassle of glasses and contact lenses. Is�LASIK surgery right for you?



Laser iCataract Surgery offers unprecedented precision and predictability, safety, and outstanding visual outcomes. In fact, 95% of our laser cataract patients are seeing 20/25 or better!


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Website: https://www.lodenvision.com

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Laser Vision Correction | Eye Surgery | LASIK in Michigan


At the Rohr Eye & Laser Center we offer the most advanced technology available to suit your lifestyle and visual needs. As leader in laser vision correction and cataract surgery, our goal is to help you achieve the best vision possible without glasses or contact lenses.


Our goal is to help you get the best vision possible, and through an affordable means. We realize that not all insurance programs cover every procedure we perform, so that's why we offer our patients convenient and flexible financing options to cover the cost of LASIK and other eye surgeries . SPECIALS AND DISCOUNTS


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Website: http://www.michiganlasik.com

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LASIK Manchester | Cataract Surgery Hartford, CT


LASIK -�Laser Eye Surgery

Because we aim to please our patients, Manchester Ophthalmology LASIK is affordable.� We offer advanced technology and one of the most experienced LASIK surgeons in Connecticut.� When you choose to have LASIK with Dr. Petashnick you are guaranteed a combination of experience and laser technology that is of the highest quality.

lasik financing

If you are concerned about the cost of LASIK in Connecticut, we offer flexible financing options. We offer FREE LASIK consultations where you can learn about your options for laser eye surgery without any obligation.

Multifocal IOL

You can...

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Website: https://www.lasikmanchester.com

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New Orleans LASIK Eye Surgery & Laser Vision Correction

Welcome to Our Website and Our Practice!

At Singer Haley Vision Center we have one overriding mission: to offer our patients the very best eye care at the most affordable price possible. In order to achieve this goal, our physicians and surgeons need to have in-depth experience with the latest technology and techniques. This truly is what separates us from...

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Cost of LASIK - LASIK Cost Santa Rosa | LaserVue Eye Center

Average Total Cost after 20 Years

$12,000 total

$4,200 both eyes

$6,200 both eyes

As you can see, even the most advanced form of LASIK saves you thousands of dollars in the long run. Having great vision every moment of every day isn't just priceless--it actually�costs less than glasses and contacts!

Our Price Assurance Policy

Still apprehensive about LASIK?

If you find a better price for the...

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Website: https://www.laservue.com

Is LASIK or PRK eye surgery legal to qualify in the pilot ...

Is LASIK or PRK eye surgery legal to qualify in the pilot program for the US Air Force?

there are some rumors that eye surgery would disqualified students who wants to become a pilot and there are some that says it is OK as long you get a waiver with the ROTC detachment after a whole year from the surgery date. What is the truth? Is there a specific specification on measurements that needs to be...

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LASIK - Memorial Eye | Memorial Eye

Contact Us


For over a quarter century, the central Pennsylvania community has looked to Memorial Eye Institute for the most advanced technologies and techniques in eye care and eye surgery. Memorial Eye Institute has built its leading edge reputation by always being ahead of the curve for its patients. Memorial Eye was Pennsylvania's first fully approved and accredited outpatient ophthalmic...

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over your lifetime

Please enter a valid value

*Calculation includes $50 for contact lens solution, glasses case, and other miscellaneous items per year; $130 (per year) for a pair of perscription readers for anyone 45 years or older. Annual exams are not included in the calculation. We have factored in the average US lifespan of 79 years. Your numbers may vary.



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Laser Eye Surgery Perth - Lions Laser Vision

Our interest free payment plans make it easy to fit having the surgery into your budget. Our affordable payment plans will allow you to see now and pay later.

Our Firsts

Lions Laser Vision was the first to perform this procedure in Western Australia. We've been changing people's outlook on life for decades, and have established ourselves as the premier refractive treatment centre in Western Australia.

15 Minutes

The laser vision correction...

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Website: https://lionslaservision.com.au

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The Cost of LASIK - Learn the factors that influence LASIK ...

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Introduction - What influences the cost of LASIK?

As discussed earlier, most LASIK patients have never shopped for medical services, so comparison to the more familiar process of purchasing a new car can provide perspective.

If the only consideration were price, then the $9,455 Chevrolet Aveo would no doubt be a...

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Website: http://www.lasik.md

Laser Eye Surgery Costs & Prices | AVC, Harley Street

Cross-Linking - £1950 per eye Deposit: £250 per eye (deducted from final cost)

Cross-Linking & INTACS - Additional £2250 per eye

Cross-Linking & Toric ICL - Additional £3950 per eye

Private Consultation - £250 (Non-refundable)

* Fee includes comprehensive testing with the latest technology and the opportunity to meet with the AVC Medical Director and Lead Surgeon, CT Pillai. We ensure...

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Website: https://advancedvisioncare.co.uk

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What Every Diabetic Should Know About LASIK Surgery

Diabetes is known to cause a number of vision problems; in fact, some of these problems can lead to total blindness if not properly treated. Thankfully, there are a number of optical treatment options available to people who have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, including, in some cases, LASIK surgery.

While the FDA has noted that diabetes, in many cases, disqualifies a person from receiving LASIK...

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Website: http://marvellieyecenter.com

LASIK Eye Surgery in Michigan

Less risk of corneal haze

Less post-op discomfort

The second eye can be done within a week

Treatment of a wider range of nearsightedness

Training and Experience Produce Better Outcomes:

Training and experience produce better results and fewer complications.

Time Magazine (October, 1999) estimates corneal/refractive surgeons have 5 times fewer complications than general ophthalmologists. Dr. Rohr...

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Website: http://www.michiganlasik.com

LASIK & Laser Eye Surgery Toronto | Clearview Vision Institute

Privacy Policy


"Dear Dr. Kranemann, Many thanks in the nice, smooth and trouble free cataract surgery you carried out on both my eyes at Clearview Institute. I would like also to extend my thanks to all the staff of clearview. They are efficient, kind hearted and very helpful. I wish all of you the continued success you well deserved. DS"

"Thank you so very much for the expert care...

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Website: http://www.clearviewinstitute.com

LASIK Fort Myers | Cataract Surgery Naples FL | Frantz Eye

Meet Our Doctors


Taking care of your eyes is vital to all of us here at Frantz EyeCare. We have designed our ophthalmology website to make it easy for you to get the eye care answers you need, anytime day or night. You probably have questions about your eyes and how we will be caring for them. Please explore our site for answers you need, including information about...

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Website: https://www.bettervision.net

New Jersey LASIK Eye Surgery - Find a Doctor

New Jersey LASIK Eye Surgery

Find LASIK in New Jersey Today

New Jersey LASIK Costs

New Jersey LASIK costs are among some of the highest in the country. However, they are still quite affordable for people who need this procedure performed. In most cases, LASIK eye surgery is considered an elective procedure so it isn't usually covered by insurance. Fortunately, the average standard procedure is a...

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Website: http://weheartvision.com

Longview Cataract Surgery - Heaton Eye Associates

The physicians of Heaton Eye Associates have been serving East Texas vision needs for over 30 years. We offer state-of-the-art technology with special services ranging from primary eye care to world-class laser surgery.

Our physicians were the first to offer LASIK laser vision correction in East Texas and have performed thousands of procedures since its inception. Heaton Eye Associates was also the FIRST to offer the new Crystalens® and...

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Website: http://heatoneye.com

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LASIK eye surgery San Antonio - Parkhurst NuVision

Here are some of the most common questions we get about LASIK Vision Correction Surgery:

What are the Success Rates of LASIK in San Antonio?

When LASIK and other Advanced Vision Correction procedures are performed by experienced surgeons after detailed in-person consultations with their patients personally, the success rates are astoundingly high. Patients are encouraged to have a detailed...

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Website: https://www.sanantonio-lasik.com