Average Cost Laser Eye Surgery Ottawa – How To Improve ...

The appendices provide supplemental data on Canadian projections of vision loss and eye disease, the cost of vision loss and vision health care, corrective laser surgery provides an alternative to glasses or contact lenses. one at the University of Ottawa,

Especially in northern and eastern parts of India, there is a preference for undergoing eye surgery in event signalled the formal...

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Best place to get LASIK eye surgery in Ontario ...

Could anyone recommend the best place to get LASIK eye surgery in Ontario? I care more about the quality of the surgery rather than the costs. Thanx



Sep 16th, 2009 9:54 pm

I'd have to recommend SBK from Focus Eye Centre in Ottawa or Kingston. Their staff are absolutely awesome. It cost me close to $6k ($5600 I think?), though.

If you're curious what the difference between SBK,...

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