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PlacidWay Medical Tourism provides cost comparisons for Laser Lipolysis to patients from around the world. Cheapest Laser Lipolysis price is $40. Average Laser Lipolysis cost $2061, where prices can go as high as $6119. Explore Laser Lipolysis prices worldwide.

Price Comparison�Disclaimer

Treatment prices presented on this website are estimates for informational and educational purposes only. �We recommend you contact each medical center in a city, country of your choice to determine exact cost of specific treatment. �Due to dynamic nature of the treatment prices, and...

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Smart Lipo

Commonly for chin, cheeks, neck, arms, tummy, love handles, the bottom, the inner and outer thighs and also on males who are experiencing breasts which are larger than normal. Find out more about SmartLipo below, or feel free to contact one of our team to ask any questions you may have.

About SmartLipo

Smart Lipo is a remarkable new treatment using a...

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