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Cover does not begin until 48 hours after the procedure and can last for up to 31 days while the patient is overseas. But the insurance, which extends to those up to the age of 74, ceases on return to the UK.

Most dental and cosmetic surgery procedures are included, plus others such as laser eye surgery, treatment for fertility problems, skin lesions, varicose veins,...

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How Much Does Lasik Eye Surgery Cost (Cheap to High ...

You can find a cheap Lasik eye surgery cost in many places around the world. But you have to watch for where you are going in any case so you can find a procedure that is worthwhile and easy for you to afford. The factors that go into the costs in each of these countries deserve to be explored just as well.

List of Lasik Eye Surgery Cost in Top Countries is as follows:

United States

First, you...

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Boots Laser Eye Surgery - Do They Perform The Treatment?

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Boots Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye treatment is a procedure which permanently corrects the vision in eye . The procedure involves a slit being made along the cornea of the eye being treated which will form a flap of tissue which can be lifted. Once the incision has been made using a laser, the lens is then reshaped to improve vision. The incision that has been made is...

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Laser Eye Surgery Cost & Prices - AccuVision Laser Eye Clinic

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To ensure you are a real person and not a computer please answer the following simple maths question:




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Laser Eye Surgery Cost & Pricing

People seeking information on laser eye surgery costs and pricing can find the information available quite confusing.

We speak to many patients each week who are very confused by the expected cost and the...

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Lens Replacement Surgery - What Is It? - Laser Eye Surgery

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Lens Replacement Surgery

Lens replacement surgery refers to a group of common medical procedures in which a person's vision is restored through the implantation of a contact lens into the eye.

The average cost of lens replacement surgery is approximately £2,000 per eye. Many clinics offer finance options to help you spread the cost of the surgery.

It is one of...

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Monovision - Laser Eye Surgery for Presbyopia| Optimax

Life without Reading Glasses


Monovision Laser Eye Surgery can restore youthful vision and let you once again enjoy life naturally without glasses. Monovision could allow you to shed that old aged look of glasses perched on the end of your nose. You can read the newspaper, see a menu clearly, use a mobile phone, score your golf card in the rain, put on make up and fiddle with all the other...

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