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New Jersey LASIK Costs

New Jersey LASIK costs are among some of the highest in the country. However, they are still quite affordable for people who need this procedure performed. In most cases, LASIK eye surgery is considered an elective procedure so it isn't usually covered by insurance. Fortunately, the average standard procedure is a...

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All-Laser LASIK & Microkeratomes - Laser Eye Center of ...

Which is better for LASIK?

Deciding Between All-Laser LASIK & Microkeratomes

by Craig Bindi, MD

The first step of the LASIK procedure involves creating a thin corneal flap with either an automated mechanical device called a microkeratome OR a femtosecond laser in the case of All-Laser IntraLASIK. While individual doctors may have their own preference, most objective LASIK surgeons agree that both...

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CCRS | Lasik Procedure

True customization in laser vision correction at its highest level of precision and customization.

VariosTopolyzer, ahigh precision corneal mapping device, collects 22,000 reference points which are used in treatment.

Combines the two most important technology in vision correction surgery: Wavefront and Topography

Shown in FDA study to result in best outcome among all LASIK procedures.


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Blepharoplasty Cost » Eyelid Surgery: Cost, Photos ...

Cost of blepharoplasty varies by region and surgeon. The average price for upper or lower eyelid surgery is between $3500 - $4500. (Jose E. Barrera, MD, FACS, San Antonio Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Cost of all surgery depends on exactly what you have done. The most common cosmetic eyelid surgery I do is the 4-lid blepharoplasty [both uppers and lowers].

This cost is usually $4-5000 but includes the...

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Wavefront Custom Lasik - USAEyes

LADARVision CustomCornea

Bausch & Lomb Zyoptix

Learning if you would do fine with conventional refractive surgery or if you require wavefront custom Lasik , Bladeless Lasik , LASEK , PRK , or Epi-Lasik is much easier than it may at first appear, however it is important to understand what wavefront custom Lasik, LASEK, PRK, and Epi-Lasik is, and...

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The Cost of LASIK - Learn the factors that influence LASIK ...

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Introduction - What influences the cost of LASIK?

As discussed earlier, most LASIK patients have never shopped for medical services, so comparison to the more familiar process of purchasing a new car can provide perspective.

If the only consideration were price, then the $9,455 Chevrolet Aveo would no doubt be a...

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More than meets the eye - MoneySense

So, when billboards on the way to work promised a safe and easy procedure for only $490 per eye, I decided it was time.

I'm not alone. Since the late 1990s, when laser eye surgery (also called Lasik) first became available to the public, more than 28.5 million procedures have been performed worldwide. A small percentage are done for professional reasons--some sports stars and military personnel...

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Cataract Eye Surgery - Sahu Eye Hospital

Home -> Eye Treatment -> Cataract Eye Surgery

What is Cataract?

Cataract is the clouding of the lens present in your eye

How do I know if I have Cataract?

Well, in the initial stages there is minimal blurring of vision. Most patients, start having difficulty in crossing the road, the headlights of the oncoming vehicle begins to glare. Many feel that they are seeing through a foggy window. As, the...

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New eye implant surgery for presbyopia may help some toss ...


Squinting while texting? Always losing your reading glasses? An eye implant that takes about 10 minutes to put in place is the newest procedure to correct the blurry, close-up vision that comes with middle age. 

"It's not bringing anybody back to being 20 again," cautioned Dr. Shilpa Rose, a Washington ophthalmologist who tests whether patients' eyes are healthy enough to qualify for the...

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All About Cataract Surgery - Next Avenue

November 29, 2016

Credit: Getty Images

The advances in cataract surgery in recent decades are an unqualified medical success story, with boomers reaping the benefits and influencing its direction. Whether you are developing cataracts or fear you may in the future, here are 10 things to know about this growing trend that could be useful if you decide to have the surgery:

1. Cataracts�are common....

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Best place to get LASIK eye surgery in Ontario ...

Could anyone recommend the best place to get LASIK eye surgery in Ontario? I care more about the quality of the surgery rather than the costs. Thanx



Sep 16th, 2009 9:54 pm

I'd have to recommend SBK from Focus Eye Centre in Ottawa or Kingston. Their staff are absolutely awesome. It cost me close to $6k ($5600 I think?), though.

If you're curious what the difference between SBK,...

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Lasik Surgery & Implantable Contact Lenses in Sarasota FL

LASIK patients recover very quickly with vision returning rapidly and the majority of patients seeing well enough to drive the next day, without glasses or contact lenses. Most patients elect to have LASIK performed on both eyes at the same time.

To be a good candidate for LASIK, the cornea must be of sufficient thickness to allow for the flap to be made with sufficient underlying tissue to be...

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LASIK eye surgery San Antonio - Parkhurst NuVision

Here are some of the most common questions we get about LASIK Vision Correction Surgery:

What are the Success Rates of LASIK in San Antonio?

When LASIK and other Advanced Vision Correction procedures are performed by experienced surgeons after detailed in-person consultations with their patients personally, the success rates are astoundingly high. Patients are encouraged to have a detailed...

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Cosmetic infidelity: A new way to cheat - CNN

Cosmetic infidelity: A new way to cheat

By Dr. Anthony Youn, Special to CNN

Updated 1120 GMT (1920 HKT) November 19, 2014

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Surgery can be difficult to hide, especially large operations such as tummy tucks and face-lifts.

Story highlights

Cosmetic surgery has become a new form of infidelity, plastic surgeon...

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The Best Health and Dental Insurance for the Self-Employed ...

The Best Health and Dental Insurance for the Self-Employed in Canada

Posted by K. Fry on May 9, 2016

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Updated January 19, 2018

The Health Spending Account �is a great health and dental insurance option for self employed Canadians. �It is a tool that allows you to pay for 100% of your medical expenses through your business as opposed to paying for them personally. This means...

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