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So why does fat transfer cost more than regular liposuction?

The main reason is time. �The procedure takes longer and this is why the fat transfer cost is higher. �A fat transfer can add 30-45 minutes to the usual liposuction procedure. �The other reason is that the fat requires special handling for fat transfer. �The fat must be collected in a sterile container to be reused and then there are extra consumables and instruments required to inject the fat.

Is the fat transfer cost worth it?

Absolutely! �...

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See Facial Plastic Surgery patient Jennifer have multiple plastic surgery procedures performed under local anesthesia. The procedures included Face Lift Surgery, Fat Transfer To Face including her cheeks and under eyes., Upper Eyelid Surgery and a Neck Lift.

Fat Transfer Surgery is one of the most popular and common procedures we perform at Carmel Valley Facial Plastic Surgery. It is essentially the cornerstone of our facial rejuvenation program. The main reason for this is that Facial Fat...

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Fat Transfer - Cosmetic Surgery | BMI Healthcare UK

Fat transfer can be used for cosmetic purposes, skin deformities, reconstruction and for traumatic defects. Common areas to have a fat transfer include face, breast and buttocks though it is also suitable for a range of other areas. Fat transfer involves extracting fat cells from a patient's abdomen, thighs, buttocks or areas where there is an excess; then re-injecting them into another place on...

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Care Packages

In the past we have included minimal supplies to get you by after your procedure, and made additional supplies available for purchase as an option. �Unfortunately, those that chose not to purchase the additional supplies consequently did not get optimal results in some cases. �Those that followed our recommendations tend to get the best results. �We want you to have the...

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Under Chin Fat Removal

Under Chin Fat Removal with Liposuction (above). *individual results may vary One of the most common areas to be treated with liposuction is under the neck and chin. At La Fontaine Aesthetics we specialize in office-based liposuction done under local ... Read Full Post

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Vanquish Before & Afters

Vanquish treatments are...

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Double chin, jowls and turkey neck reduction with cosmetic ...

Double chin, jowls & turkey neck reduction


A youthful face is triangular with prominent cheeks and a slender lower face. With age we lose cheek volume and gain volume in the lower face which results in an inverted triangle like appearance. A young person with a double chin appears older than someone older who has fuller cheeks and slender lower...

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Atlanta Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery

Smartlipo[TM] Laser-Assisted Liposuction is a new technique used in performing liposuction. This technique removes fat by literally melting the fat cells with a laser, while using a small cannula technique to reshape and sculpture your body and bring desired results. The laser-assisted method is gentler than traditional liposuction because the liposuction...

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Eyelid rejuvenation surgery is one of the most popularly requested surgeries for�all genders including men

Disclaimer: Please note that individual patient results vary and not everyone is a suitable candidate. There are surgery risks to consider and results vary; what you do AFTER your surgery can also impact your results, so follow your Surgeon's post-surgery instructions and ask about our...

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