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Micro Liposuction is not suitable for high volume liposuction. However, when used for small areas, there are several advantages to the Micro technique.

Firstly, Micro Liposuction is able to treat those small, stubborn pockets of fat that do not respond to exercise in a way that normal liposuction is just not able to. Fine contouring becomes a possibility with this method.

It also has the benefit...

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6 Micro Liposuction Benefits Over Other Types of Liposuction

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6 Micro Liposuction Benefits Over other Types of Liposuction - Are You Eligible for a Neck or Chin Lipo?

Although NOT a low cost liposuction procedure, micro liposuction allows you to reshape to perfection smaller body areas such as your chin, face neck.

In fact, when you need to reshape smaller body areas, you can expect your plastic surgeon to...

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What is Micro Liposuction? | Cosmetic Surgery Guide | HDA ...

Micro liposuction is a new technique, which allows surgeons to perform liposuction on smaller, more delicate areas such as the neck, face, and chin. This is achieved using small incisions and cannulas, which cause little swelling and scarring.

Micro Liposuction Technique

Micro liposuction is the same as any other technique that uses tumescent fluid, the only difference is that the cannula used is...

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Arm Liposuction: Cost, Recovery & Results in Korea - 365mc ...

Arm Liposuction: Cost, Recovery & Procedures


> Arm Liposuction: Cost, Recovery & Procedures

ARM: Arms are one of those areas that are very resistant to dieting and long hours at the gym. It seems that once you have fat there its very hard to get rid of. That is why arm liposuction is performed to get rid of extra fats in arm and axilla region. Most patients have the highest satisfaction with...

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Chin Liposuction / Smartlipo in Houston TX

6 Chin Liposuction Alternative - CoolSculpting

About The Procedure

At Houston Liposuction Center we perform laser assisted liposuction under local anesthetic. Our patients are usually given a mild oral sedation prior to the procedure. To begin the procedure, a dilute lidocaine solution is infiltrated into the area under the chin and slightly above the jawline. The SmartLipo laser in then inserted...

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Body-Contouring | Body Sculpting | Liposuction Surgeons

Micro Body Contouring

A safer, less invasive way to remove fat in a single treatment

Instead of relying on older liposuction technology, a skilled liposuction surgeon applies the latest advanced medical techniques and technology for better, less invasive body contouring results. The artistry of Micro-Body Contouring comes from combining different therapies to improve your experience. Safer than traditional liposuction, our Micro-Body Contouring uses the latest liposuction...

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Neck / Chin Lipo: Your Micro Liposuction Alternative To No ...

Discover here how you can have a neck or chin lipo and change the look of your face (without anyone knowing) through a delicate procedure of micro liposuction.

Before anything else, you should know this.

If you are like most people having double or sagging chin...

... this area will not improve after losing weight despite a healthy diet and exercising.

However, you may be able to achieve a...

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Mini Tummy Tuck, Facelift, Lipo , Neck Lift – Cost, Results


The terms "mini" and "micro" appear frequently in plastic surgery today, and have a variety of meanings. The words may imply easier, less complicated, and less demanding procedures. To be more accurate, in plastic surgery, "mini" and "micro" mean that a smaller imperfection is to be treated, with a smaller incision. For example, a mini-facelift would treat a smaller facial imperfection with...

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Liposuction | Dr Puneet GuptaDr Puneet Gupta

Before & After photos

About the treatment

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of fat deposits from underneath the skin. It is performed with a tube called a cannula, connected to a suction or vacuum, under general anaesthetic, local anaesthetic, or in some cases heavy IV sedation.

Liposuction, like any other surgery, comes with its own risks. It is imperative that your...

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How to Get Rid of Abdominal Fat with Liposuction

Abdominal Liposuction in St. Louis

Abdominal Liposuction from the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center

The abdominal liposuction procedure can have great effects on your body. You clothing will fit better with a more defined waist . In fact, almost all clothing styles are improved with a smoother abdomen. A flat stomach is highly sought after; however, many people find that diet and exercise are...

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